Hotel Services


Management Services

Quantum Hotels and Resorts’ name has been synonymous with high quality hospitality lodging. Our management services were specifically developed to meet the requirements and standards of serviced apartments, residences, resorts and hotels. Our extensive experience in all levels of property management, sales and marketing, guest and owner services assures our partners that Quantum brings the same depth and breadth of experience to every project we manage.


International & Local Sales and Marketing Services

The Quantum Marketing Systems include local and international marketing expertise which also includes domestic on-site services such as:

  • Market Planning and Research
  • Sales, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations
  • Media presentation in trade and general publications
  • Forecasting and Budget Preparations
  • On-line Reservations System linked to Global Distribution System
  • Direct mailing
  • Cross-selling
  • International trade shows, exhibitions and networking
  • Special rated programs – regional and international promotions
  • Frequent traveler and return guest programs
  • Extensive International database of corporations, wholesalers ,property agents, Embassies, Property agents, Meeting & Convention planners

Brand Development

Development and application of property brand identity guidelines for market awareness and competitiveness

Annual Business Plan & Marketing Plans

Budgetary policies and detailed market and expense assumptions with focus on profit maximization. All properties of Quantum use a “Uniform Systems of Accounts” for all budgeting, financial statements and major accounting firms to conduct annual audits.

Market research, analysis and planning are used for execution of sales, public relations, marketing, market positioning and distribution of property information to achieve its targeted revenue budgets and goals.


Corporate Support & Audit Functions

Quantum’s corporate oversight ensures the coordination and professional delivery of on-site management services that include, but are not limited to, the following:

Hotel Food and Beverage

  • Operations management
  • Policies and procedures
  • Cost control and budgets

Reviews and Research

  • Salary review studies
  • Operating and training manuals
  • Operational reviews and turnaround reports
  • Business plans
  • Market research

Asset Management

  • Scheduled site visits and spot checks
  • Systems audits
  • Capital and operating budget reviews and variance analysis
  • Purchasing procedures of FF&E
  • Marketing plan reviews
  • Business plan reviews

Quality Assurance

  • Silent Shopper reports
  • Service experience from client perspective
  • System leakage problems
  • Marketing strategies
  • Overall operations review

Audit Functions

  • Spot audit of property accounting
  • Annual audit reviews by third party accounting firms


Technical Services

Complex Facilities Design

  • Architect’s Design & Specification
  • Master Planning: Cost Estimate, Suppliers, Contractors, etc.
  • Engineering Planning
  • Interior Design Coordination
  • Graphics & Ad-Design Selection
  • Design guidance, space planning for rooms and public areas. The design phase is important for the comfort, convenience and easy use of facilities by guests.

Furniture, Fixture and Equipment

We provide design guidance in both the preliminary and final phases to assist developers in locating the most cost-efficient F&E and the most convenient mix of furniture and equipment.

Kitchen, Bar, Laundry and Valet Equipment

We provide sourcing and comprehensive planning for the following:

  • Selection of Capital Equipment
  • Cuisine & Menu Planning
  • Kitchen & Laundry Planning, Equipment Quotations and Evaluation & Approval
  • Invitation of Quotations for F&B and Housekeeping Services
  • Software Evaluation and Invitation of Quotations
  • Annual audit reviews by third party accounting firms


Hospitality Services


Quantum Hotels & Resorts offers a complete range of professional services designed to standardize operations and maximize the financial performance of our managed properties. Management Philosophy focuses on maximizing the quality of guest experience to produce the best performance of managed properties for owners at all times.

Annual Business & Marketing Plans

Detailed market and expense assumptions with a focus on profit maximization. All Quantum properties use the “Uniform System of Accounts” for all budgeting and financial statements and major accounting firms to conduct annual audits.

Professional implementation and Analysis of Sales and Marketing Plans. Critical analysis is used in the preparation of sales and marketing plans; public relations plans, market positioning and distribution of property information.

Training Programs

On-going training followed by evaluation is required for all hotel employees, management staff to ensure up-to-date knowledge and service methods enhance guest services. Continuous training and performance evaluation is required for all employees and management staff to ensure up-to-date knowledge and service methods enhancing guest services.

Standard Operating Procedures

Quantum’s corporate guidelines define employee service standards and responsibilities for all managed hotels. SOP’S cover Operating Procedures, Accounting Procedures, Reporting Procedures, Quality Control Procedures, Technical Services, Cost Control Policies, Asset Management, Purchasing and Maintenance. Continuous operations audits, quality assurance programs and staff service audits that enhance service standards and product quality.

Web Based International Reservations System

Web-based International Reservations System is linked to major local, regional and international Global Distribution Systems (GDS) with maximum market exposure and revenue enhancement. Clients world-wide can book easily with instant confirmation.